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Monsieur Felix OSTERTAG

Associate Professor, PhD
Disciplines : Management / Ressources humaines
Laboratoire : Humanis
My research interests mainly focus on the strategic management of social businesses as well as sustainable consumption and behavior. In recent years, I have broadened my knowledge and expertise in quantitative as well as qualitative research designs and corresponding analytical approaches (including, for instance, cross-national case studies in LDCs and emerging countries, field experiments in various settings, mixed-method studies, structural equation modeling and multilevel analysis). I am an expert on vignette experiments (i.e. factorial surveys) and the management of social businesses for value creation beyond profit.

Domaines d'enseignement

Corporate Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Thèmes de recherche

Social Enterprises, Sustainable Consumption and Behavior, Blended Value Creation.
Articles académiques CNRS/FNEGE/HCERES
"'I like it, but I don't use it': Impact of carsharing business models on usage intentions in the sharing economy. doi: 10.1002/bse.2441", (with R. Hahn, A. Lehr, M. Büttgen, S. Benoit), Business Strategy and the Environment, Vol. 29, n° 3, March 2020, 1404-1418 [CNRS cat. 4 / FNEGE rang 3 / HCERES]
Manuels pédagogiques
Ökologie und Umweltmanagement. Arbeitsbuch mit Übungsaufgaben , KLV Verlag, Weihung, Switzerland, 2014, (with A. Steinhart, M. Straub)
Chapitres d'ouvrages scientifiques
"Disentangling Voluntary Pro-Environmental Behaviour of Employees (VPBE) – Fostering Research through an Integrated Theoretical Model", "in :Research Handbook on Employee Pro-Environmental Behaviour", Wells, V., Gregory-Smith, D., 2018, (with R. Hahn)
Communications scientifiques
"How digital identity and legitimation strategies affect social ventures’ legitimacy: Insights from two online experiments", EGOS, Edinbourgh, United Kingdom, 2019, (with A. Pereira Pündrich, A. Prochotta)
"How digital identity and legitimation strategies of social ventures affect stakeholder perceptions of moral legitimacy and organizational credibility: Insights from two cross-country experiments", EURAM Annual Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, 2019, (with A. Pereira Pündrich, A. Prochotta)
"Employees’ pro-environmental behavior at work: (re-)considering the power of injunctive norms.", EGOS, Tallinn, Estonia, 2018, (with C. Kabengele)
"Cooperation in Hybrid Businesses – A Relational View", AOM Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, 2017, (with I. Ince)
"The Supply Side of Social Entrepreneurship: Mission-driven Students in a Cross-country Perspective", AOM Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 2014, (with H. Bergmann)
Autres conférences académiques / conférences professionnelles
"Holistic value co-creation of social enterprises: A qualitative-empirical investigation of relationship designs.", G-Forum, Stuttgart, 2018, (with I. Ince, R. Hahn)
"Carsharing attractiveness in the eye of the beholder: Quantitative studies on consumer preferences", VHB WK NAMA Annual Meeting, Augsburg, Germany, 2018, (with A. Lehr, R. Hahn, M. Büttgen, S. Benoit)
"Employees’ Pro-Environmental Behavior at Work: (Re-)Considering the Power of Injunctive Norms", VHB WK NAMA Annual Meeting, 2017
"The “supply side” of social entrepreneurship – Career choice intentions of students with a social mission in a cross-country perspective", G-Forum, Coblence, Germany, 2013, (with H. Bergmann)
Études et rapports
Unternehmerische Absichten und Aktivitäten von Studierenden in Deutschland im internationalen Vergleich. Ergebnisse des Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students‘ Survey (GUESSS)., , 2012, (with H. Bergmann, B. Cesinger)
Thèses/HDR soutenues
Umweltfreundliches Verhalten am Arbeitsplatz – Analyse der Determinanten und Untersuchung eines umfassenden Modells, Universität Hohenheim, 2016
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