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Spécialisation du PGE : Operational and Strategic Marketing

Disponible en formation initiale.

Programme structure:

The programme covers fundamentally important subjects such as consumer behaviour and branding, but also has a strong emphasis on innovation management, digital marketing and social media. In this programme, students undertake modules which consist of core courses. These are the foundations upon which the whole MSc. is built and that ensure a common basis of knowledge across the different areas. Some modules are completed after one semester; others are spread over the whole academic year (cf.Marketing research, Strategic Marketing).

All courses are taught in English by carefully selected professors of marketing, strategy and management at the EM Strasbourg.

Expected Workload:

Each 5 ECTS, students have 27H in class and 13H of personal and/or team work depending on each course’s specifications (oral presentations, e-learning and quizzes, essays, homework on practical cases, midterms and final exams). Details are further given in the specific syllabi.



Marketing careers attract creative and driven individuals. Though most marketing jobs are specialized, marketing typically draws on your ability to match perception of the market with realistic plans of action. Among the options, you can consider :

  • Brand Management
  • Product Management
  • Service Marketing
  • Account Management
  • Market Research
  • Category Trade Management
  • Plus all management jobs in marketing, advertising, promotions and public relations fields.

Potential employers include the marketing departments of medium to large corporations, retailers, advertising and public relations agencies as well as non-profit organizations.

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