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Spécialisation du PGE : Finance

Disponible en formation initiale.

Programme structure:

At the start of the programme, students undertake core courses. These are the foundation upon which the whole Track is built and ensure a common basis of knowledge across the different areas.

In Semester B, students begin to tailor their studies towards their career interests, through the seminars in finance (short courses on specialized topics - 10-20 hours each, an exception is “Derivatives” which is a classical course) and applications of their knowledge to real financial cases.

Finally, a case study (in group) brings all of the year's learning together under a topic that mix academic and practical work.

The programme structure is built with regards to the CFA level II (students will be able to take the exam alone).


English courses are taught by professors of finance at LaRGE (EM Business school laboratory of research in finance).

Each 5 ECTS, students have 27H in class ; out-off class student workload includes oral presentations, e-learning, homework on practical cases and team working: for example, UCITS applications / Banking regulation / IPO applications / M&A…


  • Investment analysis
  • Portfolio management, Financial auditor
  • Financial statement analysis and evaluation executive
  • Corporate finance : Corporate finance executive, Business analyst, Product development, Treasury Manager, Venture Capital Executive
  • Banking: Retail Banking Executive, Commercial Banking Executive, Investment Banking Executive
  • Client servicing, Business Start-up Financial Consultant, Financial Strategy Consultant
  • Risk management



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Responsable pédagogique
Forum Audit au premier semestre organisé avec les cabinets d’audit conseil
2 journées d'immersion en entreprise (cabinet d’audit et direction financière d’entreprise)

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