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International Wine management and tourism

This English-taught programme provides wine management and tourism education customized to the particular demands of global wine trade, the unique feature of the domestic and overseas wine industries, and wine as a product.

Students learn to combine cutting edge and world best-practice wine management know-how with a working knowledge and skills in both winemaking and viticulture, this incorporating the entire wine value chain.

A blended approach including involvement from industry experts (Grands Chais de France, Conseil Interprofessionnel des vins d’Alsace, Ecole des Vins d'Arthur Metz, etc) and from expert academics from France and Australia underpins the progamme.

This programme delivers new career opportunities for students seeking managerial positions in the wine and tourism industry.

  • Marketing manager: small, medium, large winery
  • Distribution manager: winery, wholesale and retail
  • Regional or group business export representative
  • Wine or regional tourism manager

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Coralie Haller, head of major in "International Wine management and tourism"



  • 3èmes Journées internationales des amateurs éclairés de vins, 2-3 juillet 2016
    Intervention de Coralie HALLER sur "Valorisation des Grands Vins en Alsace: Où en est-on aujourd’hui ?"


Discover the chapter on the Provence Wine Route :"Pink Wine and Movie Stars : How the Provence Wine Trail Was Established" written by : Coralie Haller, Sébastien Bédé, Michel Couderc, François Millo.

It is possible to attend Wine management classes in our french master in tourism. Learn more : M2 Tourism

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