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Ecole de Management Strasbourg

Exchange students

Student life

Bureau de l'International (BDI or International Association)

The purpose of the BDI is to welcome the 400 foreign students coming to EM Strasbourg Business School every year, make them feel at home and facilitate their integration.

Other associations

EM Strasbourg Spirit represents all the associations of the Programme Grande Ecole and it offers a multitude of activities: activities, arts and culture, sports, multimedia, humanitarian projects, jobs, market studies, publication of the Strassbuch guide etc. Everyone can find an exciting project to get involved in and enjoy.

Student life in Strasbourg

Etudiants en échange The largest academic city in eastern France, Strasbourg has a population of 48,000 students, with 1 in 5 students a foreign national. The Alsace capital is a destination of choice for foreign students who represent almost 20% of the total population enrolled in the different higher education institutions, which makes Strasbourg France's 2nd most attractive academic city for foreign nationals, second only to Paris.

It is difficult to get enough of the Alsace capital; a lot of students decide to stay there after their studies, as Strasbourg always has something new and essential to offer.

Since the arrival of the TGV train in 2007, Strasbourg is only 2hrs from Paris, 3hrs from Brussels, 4hrs from Nantes or London and 5hrs from Bordeaux!

Living in Strasbourg

As Alsace's intellectual, artistic and economic capital, Strasbourg has all the advantages, atmosphere and attraction of a capital without the excessive size. A rich architectural heritage, a tradition of hospitality, fascinating museums, picturesque sights... Discover a city with an exceptional quality of life!

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Babak Mehmanpazir
Marie Pfiffelmann

International Relations Office
Elodie Thevenet
+33 (0)3 68 85 84 03

Kahina Kadji
+33 (0)3 68 85 89 19

International Association (BDI)