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Ecole de Management Strasbourg

Exchange students

Administrative procedures (4 points)

1. Enrolment in EM Strasbourg Business School

2. Health insurance

All students from a country outside the European Union (with the exception of Quebec) must join a French health insurance scheme. . The cost amounts to approximately €210 for the semester or year (rate for the 2011-2012 academic year, subject to modification). During your administrative enrolment in The EM Strasbourg Business School, you must choose between the MGEL or the LMDE for your health insurance. We invite you to visit their websites to decide which insurance plan you wish to join.

After receiving your student card indicating that you have paid your health insurance fees, you must go to one of the 2 agencies (MGEL or LMDE) with the following documents:
  • passport
  • student card
  • French banking details
  • tuition fees payment receipt (received during the administrative enrolment)
  • birth certificate translated into French for the LMDE only

3. Immigration

> you come from a member State of the European Union:
European Union and Swiss nationals residing in France for their studies do not need a residence permit. However, we recommend that you bring the following documents should they be required by a French administration:
  • a health insurance certification document (EHIC Card)
  • passport or identity card

> If you come from a country outside the European Union:
You must conform to the new OFII (French immigration and integration office) procedure for the revalidation of your visa which will be equivalent to the residence permit. You need to bring:
  • an international birth certificate
  • a photocopy of the passport, visa and the page stamped by customs or immigration services when you arrived in Europe
  • 3 passport photographs
  • Medical records (Vaccination records, permanent prescriptions...)

4. Contact your embassy/consulate

We recommend that you contact a representative of your country as soon as you arrive in France to inform them of the duration of your trip. This declaration is important in case of accident or theft.

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